ScreenshotNameCost per billing cycleBilling cycleContract period(months)Set-up costDescriptionPreview

A. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Based on the La Rossa Electric StylePreview

B. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Flooring store with slide showsPreview

C. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Shoe repair/services businessPreview

D. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Product lists and information without online shoppingPreview

E. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hair salon - slide shows for many picturesPreview

F. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Construction, home building sitePreview

G. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hair salon, wood tones, traditionalPreview

H. Box Den
$37.50 monthly12$600.00Simple site, requires no images, four sections: About, Products, Services, ContactPreview

I. Black and White Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Requires 8-10 good quality images, flexible space for most descriptions , 7 pages, 3 contact formsPreview

J. Focus Zoom
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Bio/About us link at top left, 5 additional home links for primary products, services and features Preview

K. Store Style
$125.00 monthly12$2000.00Traditional online store - user friendly, intuitive design to ease purchase processPreview

L. Showcase style
$75.00 monthly12$2000.00Showcases product lines, featured services and vendors, works best with 20+ image, room for morePreview

M. Access Style
$75.00 monthly12$2000.00Online store with categories, subcategories on left, featured products and servicesPreview

N. Hot Dog Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hot Dog - simple menu, history, contact informationPreview

O. Blacktop Style
$75.00 monthly12$2475.00Blacktop maintenance - several slide shows with many imagesPreview

P. Animal Hospital
$75.00 monthly12$2000.00Medical, dental, veterinary office sitePreview

Q. Property Style
$125.00 monthly12$2000.00Site for selling, renting or managing propertiesPreview

R. Raimondo Style
$75.00 monthly12$2000.00Fine diningPreview

S. SAC Style
$125.00 monthly12$2000.00Antique dealer sitePreview

T. Tek Style
$75.00 monthly12$2000.00HVACR - projects, servicesPreview

U. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Brewing supplies, slideshowsPreview

V. Floral Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Room for many photos of weddings, just because and funeral flowersPreview

W. Water Treatment
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Water treatment sitePreview

X. Mexican Restaurant Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Full menu, contact info, hours on home page, also gallery, catering menu, calendar, specialsPreview

Y. Freight Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Trucking, freight and shipping sitePreview

Z. Kitchen & Bath Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Slideshows for work examples, videosPreview

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